Want toned abs without exhausting training sessions and starvation diets? AB-MXR makes it all possible!
The AB-MXR is a unique addition to your workout that makes sit-ups easier, more efficient and even enjoyable! Using this innovative home exercise tool can also help eliminate neck injuries by offering increased support for the neck and spine when doing abdominal exercises.
The AB-MXR was developed by professional fitness trainer Joanna Kabbani, who wanted to create a workout tool that would target the abs, but prevent injury at the same time. Lightweight and easy to use, the AB-MXR is perfect for rehabilitation and for those who want to build their core. Available in weights from 1kg to5kg, the AB-MXR is moulded to cushion your head and neck as you work out.
According to Joanna, using the AB-MXR for just 5 minutes a day will lead to excellent results. Dr. Mikeal Porath Petersen, a chiropractor from Optimal Spine Clinic, also gives the fitness device his approval, "The AB-MXR helps to perform symmetrical exercises safely and effectively."
As I was sceptical of its promises of success, I joined Joanna for a workout using the AB-MXR. I managed to perform fifteen sit-ups without any additional strain, and felt balanced and relaxed afterwards. At home, I did a workout on my own using the 1kg model. Despite being a whiplash sufferer, I found training easy and was confident I was doing my abdominal exercises correctly with the help of the AB-MXR. This is a very efficient piece of kit and I'll certainly be using it regularly to help me get bikini ready.
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Developing the AB-MXR
Joanna Kabbani is a professional fitness trainer with over twenty years of experience. She has worked with a significant number of clients and has developed the AB-MXR, a significant exercise device developed to protect and train the spinal column during a workout session. The AB-MXR provides optimal support for the neck, back and head, enabling you to perform over 30 exercises. It is very convenient to use and lightweight and is totally portable and can even fit inside your handbag or rucksack. Risk of strain is considerably reduced as any strain put on the back and neck is removed. The affordable price makes the AB-MXR an ideal present for Christmas, or any other celebration.
Joanna decided to create the AB-MXR after suffering bad whiplash from a car accident 3 years ago. Desperate to get back into training, Joanna had to use neck pillows to protect and support her neck after the accident. This gave her the idea of creating a device that would lessen her pain when she worked out.
Joanna's past clients include Miranda Richardson, Camille Al Fayed and Dasha Zhukova so be sure to benefit from her own unique home exercise device, and make your workouts as efficient and pain-free as possible!
The AB-MXR has been thoroughly examined and tested by the best osteopaths in the UK. Mr Youssef, osteopath, physiotherapist and acupuncturist from the Kensington clinic, rates the AB-MXR highly: "In my opinion, the AB-MXR is a very useful training device for those with weakened neck muscles or similar neck problems. This ingenious tool ensures additional support when trying to tone the stomach muscles and also prevents neck strain.
Praise for the AB-MXR is coming thick and fast, so try using it when you workout and stop the strain and pain!
Article Source – The AB-MXR Trainer
What is the AB-MXR and how do you use it?
What is it?
The AB-MXR is a medically approved fitness device that supports the neck during abdominal exercises. It is equipped with two convenient handless to help you keep your balance as you work out to ensure all your important core muscles are recruited; making exercise more efficient. In addition to abdominal exercises, the AB-MXR can also be used for leg exercises, arm exercises and aerobic choreography.
Who should use it?
The AB-MXR is an ingenious home exercise device that allows you to choose your weight and level of intensity; making it suitable for everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level. This exercise device is extremely safe, and when I used it for a lengthy series of sit ups, I was delighted to find that my neck did not feel strained at all.
How does it work?
Forget large and non-transportable gym equipment, the AB-MXR is a small exercise device that can be used whenever and wherever you are. Use it at home, or take it on vacation as this lightweight tool fits conveniently into your handbag or rucksack. Although weight ranges from 1 to 5 kg, the size remains the same.
The AB-MXR provides you with additional support for your neck and an opportunity to correct your position during your workout. It comes with a poster of recommended exercises as well as a DVD. Make sure you follow the instructional DVD that comes with the AB-MXR or Joanna's video tutorials on You Tube or visit her master class in Hammersmith. Make your six pack workout effective, easy and even enjoyable with the AB-MXR.
My Verdict
The first part of the training involved aerobic exercise to try and raise the body temperature and heart rate; it was similar to other classes involving weights. When it comes to toning and strength, however, the AB-MXR really stood out. It supported my neck throughout the exercise, and though I did not find the class too hard, I consistently ached for the next four days – I really think Joanna is onto something!
Article Source – The AB-MXR Workout

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