Full body works out that are simple, safe and effective to achieve great results, quickly

The AB-MXR can be used for all levels of fitness and for full body workouts. There are hundreds of exercises that you can enjoy with the AB-MXR, depending on the muscle groups you are targeting and whether your goal is recovering from an injury, shaping your body, burning body fat or improving your fitness.

To focus your energies, the AB-MXR team, led by Joanna, has devised five core exercise programmes. Choose one of the programmes, or create your own customised programme alongside your personal trainer, gym instructor or Physio. As with any exercise device, if you are recovering from an injury, or embarking on a fitness programme for the first time, please consult a professional or a health specialist first before using the AB-MXR.

Enjoy exercising safely. Start with lighter weights and build up the number of reps as you become fitter and stronger.