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Flat stomach? No sweat... A new piece of equipment promises to make sit-ups easier, more effective and even enjoyable
Daily Mail

OK this device may look strange but it will give you a total core body workout. The AB-MXR targets abdominal muscles while supporting the neck and top of the spine. It can be used as a support or weight for more than 30 different exercises. It's also got the seal of approval from one of Britain's top osteopaths: Haysam Youssef, who is also a physiotherapist and acupuncturist at the Kensington Clinic.

Take the pain out of crunches ... and without banjaxing your neck!
Irish Independent

"This is an exciting new piece of fitness equipment. Not only does it support your head and neck so that you have the correct form while doing sit-ups, but because it's weighted, you can use it for all over conditioning and aerobic sessions. What's more, the AB-MXR is compact, so it doesn't take up precious storage space at home, and it's portable, so you can use it for training while travelling. It's a really versatile bit of kit that will deliver impressive results."
Laura Jones,
deputy editor,
Bodyfit (

Much as I dream of having a toned stomach, I absolutely loathe sit-ups-they hurt my neck and never seem to be very effective. But recently I tried working out with the AB-MXR, £65. It's a 2kg weight that targets your abs and and ensures every crunch you do is super effective. You'll see results doing just three sets of 10 every day, and you won't strain your back in the process.

Do you suffer from an aching neck and shoulders after doing crunches? Then invest in the new AB-MXR device. It was designed by fitness trainer Joanna Kabbani, who was diagnosed with whiplash after a car accident. Determined to return to her daily dose of sit-ups, she developed a gadget that would support the neck and upper spine. This simple-looking and easy to use piece of equipment was the result. £60, www.ab-

"Working with Joanna and the AB-MXR was good fun but hard – what every workout should consist of! The devise put me naturally into the right position for each move and the extra resistance meant I worked my muscles to the max. Its a simple concept, but all the same an effective one, which was comfortable to use and effective!"
Lucy Miller
Fitness Editor
Health and Fitness Magazine.

Outdoor Fitness

Whip your abs into washboard shape with the nifty and portable AB-MXR abdominal exercise device. It's available in three different weights and lets you train while protecting your neck against injury.
Women's Fitness

Crunch without strain with this clever kit that supports your neck, back and spine while still allowing you to work your entire core.

Easy Living Magazine

bodyLIFE UK magazine, a UK fitness trade magazine, where they have featured the AB-MXR in their 'News Products & Concepts' section.
Body Life Magazine

The AB-MXR is a total core body workout and the world's first truly portable abdominal exerciser. There have been no highly effective, portable and easy-to-use exercise devices that facilitate a full body workout – until now!

As you probably already know, I love exercise, especially learning new techniques. Top UK personal trainer, Joanna Kabbani put me through my paces with a master class, showing me how to use her new piece of equipment, the AB-MXR. It's recent launch proving a huge success. A portable weighted AB-MXR is perfect for doing ab exercises safely and effectively and can be used for a whole body workout. It comes in 1kg, 2kg and 3kg, I have chosen the 3kg.

By removing any strain from the back up through the neck, any risk of injury is significantly reduced, while its convenient size ensures that the AB-MXR can be taken anywhere, even inside one's handbag. At an inexpensive cost, too, this total core work-out is a perfect gift for Christmas and beyond.

Irish Tatler Man

This exciting piece of fitness equipment is the culmination of Joanna's decades of experience as a studio choreographer, aerobics teacher, and personal trainer to some of the world's most powerful and famous people, combined with the expert contributions of a number of medical osteopaths.

This new osteopath-approved tool helps you firm up your tummy without straining your neck. £60,
Diet Chef

Crunch without strain. This clever kit supports neck, back and spine while still working your entire cone. Available in three different weights.
The Sun

DJ Magazine

The Independent
The Independent newspaper

Woman's Weekly

I am deeply suspicious of exercise fads and quick-fix gimmicks – frankly, I just don't believe that there is any way other than healthy living and sweating a lot to really get in shape, but nonetheless I am always curious when something new comes on the market that claims to make working out that bit easier, and this is how I met Joanna Kabbani.

Closer Mag

"Where has the AB-MXR been all my life. After years of personal training, numerous injuries and still no dream abs, suddenly this cute little piece of equipment has come along and butt kicked my body into action. Not purely a magic wand for abdominal based exercises, it can be incorporated into a full aerobic workout. You will not want to touch regular weights nor a kettle bell ever again as this is safer, more efficient AND it fits neatly into your bag so you can take it anywhere with you. To say I'm hooked is a massive understatement and I think Joanna Kabbani's invention is pure workout genius."
Shelly Vella
Fashion Director

"The beauty of AB-MXR is that it offers an opportunity to do a series of complete symmetrical exercises effectively and in a very safe way,"
Dr Petersen

With the help of AB-MXR, I help my celebrity clients deliver the perfect abs, targeting precisely the abdominal area whhilst keeping other parts of the body such as shoulders and neck free from stress.
Ricardo Macedo

Celebrity Trainer (sky 281)

For all press enquiries please contact Dust PR

Launch Event November 2011

The AB-MXR launched into King's Road Sporting Club on 8th November, 2011. Dust PR put together an event to celebrate the first retailer for the AB-MXR with a mix of clients, customers, personal trainers, gyms and press in attendance.
The window of the store was taken over to create a strong impact for passers-by through building a pyramid of product boxes and hanging AB-MXR's from the ceiling – along with models doing demonstrations! It drew plenty of attention and had the people walking by asking questions about the product and wanting to know more.
There were product demonstrations taking place in store with models showcasing the full range of exercises you can do with the AB-MXR which created talkability at the event and Joanna, the KRSC staff and the PR agency were on hand to answer the guest's questions.
Joanna gave a speech about the evolution of the product and the thought process and creativity about the concept. Chiropractor Dr Mikael Porath Petersen also said a few words about the health benefits of the AB-MXR, as it was his input that developed the correct cervical support for the neck. Soon after people were flocking to the tills!
The event was a huge success will and the AB-MXR's were flying off the shelves all night!

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