The ab work out guide – how to exercise simply, safely and effectively

Can be used for a wide variety of exercises including a Body Sculpt / total body workout.
Every abdominal exercise focuses on increased neck support with the help of various fitness equipment. AB-MXR held in one hand for triceps pushes, AB-MXR lift and twist in front of the body or behind head, two hand curls behind body, dumbbell chest press with AB-MXR used for head rest, and as a handheld weight while doing aerobic exercise.
Jogging and twisting in place
Jogging and twisting in place: Light cardiovascular activity that quickly increases heart rate and warms up the body
Plie-Squats with bicep curl
Plie-squats with bicep curl: Targets adductors, quads and glutes, while the curl action with the ab-mxr tones biceps
Squats with parallel arms
Squats with parallel: A great lower-body and core workout, in combination which in combination with ab-mxr engages triceps and lats simultaneously
Triceps extension
Tricep extension: A sculpting exercise which targets tricep toning
Biceps curl
Bicep curl: A sculpting exercise targeting bicep toning
Lunge with side twist: A dynamic exercise which works quadriceps, glutes, calves, obliques and biceps!
Oblique crunch with raised leg
Oblique crunch with raised leg: A dynamic exercise which not only targets obliques but challenges supporting muscles and develops all-over core fitness
Triceps overhead raises
Tricep overhead raises: A targeted tricep toning exercise
Weighted leg lift with AB-MXR
Weighted leg lift with Abmxr: Lower body exercise which strengthens abductors and quadriceps
Inner thigh raise with AB-MXR
Inner thigh raise with AB-MXR
Glute squeeze with knees gripping the AB-MXR
Glute squeeze with knees gripping abmxr: A great exercise for tightening glutes and working hamstrings.
Glute squeeze lowering with AB-MXR gripped between knees
Glute squeeze lowering with abmxr gripped between knees: Another intensive glute workout which also strengthens lower abdominal muscles
Lower abdominal curl with knees gripping the AB-MXR
Lower abdominal curl with knees gripping abmxr: A brilliant lower tummy toning exercise that additionally strengthens adductors and engages entire core
Side plank with arm raised
Side plank with arm raised: An intermediate plank exercise which strengthens entire core, focusing on obliques and back
T-stand with arm raised
T-stand with arm raised: An advanced plank exercise which strengthens entire core and conditions upper body
Advanced oblique plank twist
Advanced oblique stand twist: An advanced plank exercise which challenges core stability and upper body strength with additional oblique twist
Oblique twist with rotating elbow knee
Oblique twist with rotating elbow knee: The popular ‘bicycle’ floor exercise which, done safely and more effectively with an abmxr supporting neck and loading weight into core
Raised arm sit up
Raised arm sit up: A brilliant sit up alternative which penetrates deep to the core and provides additional upper body toning
Sit up with oblique twist
Sit up with oblique twist: A dynamic ab exercise which obliques and additionally strengthens the upper body
Head raised leg scissors
Head raised leg scissors: An advanced abdominal exercise which penetrates deep core muscles, challenges lower abs and additionally engages quadriceps
Crunch with leg crossed
Crunch with leg crossed: A brilliant progression of traditional crunches which further engages stomach muscles, without compromising technique or hurting neck
Crunch with leg raised
Crunch with raised leg: A targeted rectus abdominus exercise made more effective with the safe core loading properties of abmxr
Crunch with leg crossed raises
Crunch leg crossed raises: An advanced progression which effectively engages full core and conditions obliques
Crunch with both legs raised
Crunch with both legs raised: A full core exercise which protects neck, loads core with abmxr weight and challenges lower abdominal area.
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The workout guide: how to get six pack abs?

In the busy “eat and run” lifestyle of today’s society, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy weight and a toned physique. It is essential to find a few free minutes a day to tone and target your abs. The AB-MXR is a clever piece of home-exercise equipment that will help you fit your abs workout into a busy lifestyle. Imagine the amount of small, but efficient and powerful changes that you can make with the AB-MXR. The results will be long lasting: efficient weight loss, a fantastic six pack, improved mood and wellbeing, increased energy, reduced stress and a great body. If you want to make the right choice and find an effective way to develop a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle – a six pack abs workout is exactly what you need!
The AB-MXR Body Sculpt can be used in a variety of ways for your six pack abs routine. The AB-MXR allows you to try different positions and train different groups of muscles; targeting your shoulders, arms, back and much more.
The AB-MXR stands out from its competitors, as it offers complete functionality as well as an upper body workout. Find variations of abdominal exercises below and pay attention to the increased neck support.
In case you have any questions related to our set of products and their functionality, just contact our customer support and our qualified managers will happily provide you with all the necessary product information. Get the AB-MXR abdominal exercise equipment today and take your workout to the next level!

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