About – The Invention

Joanna KabbaniThe AB-MXR, a unique and portable abdominal exercise equipment device, was invented by Joanna Kabbani, a professional fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience working with clients across the world.

Joanna conceived and developed the AB-MXR after she suffered whiplash in a car accident. Keen to get back to training quickly, she used pillows to support her neck. This gave her the idea of creating a device that would protect the neck and spine and encourage good posture when working out.

The result is the AB-MXR, a device that has been ergonomically designed to support your neck and spine and is available in five different weights for all fitness levels.

Pronounced ABMaxer, the initials stand for All Body Maximum Resistance because it is a multi-function exercise device. It can give you a full body workout as well as strengthening http://your-pharmacies.com your abdominal muscles. The AB-MXR makes exercising more enjoyable. It is easy and fun to use and achieves great results, quickly.

The AB-MXR is used and endorsed by leading personal trainers, physios and chiropractors. It can be used in over one hundred different exercises including triceps pushes, two hands curls, lunges and squats, as well as the whole spectrum of abdominal exercises. It provides neck support when using a Swiss ball, or bosu, and can be used as a headrest for dumbbell presses, or as a resistance weight for a full aerobic workout.

Joanna previously created her own choreographed dance-style workout and was a pioneer of “Cardio Funk”. Joanna is passionate about fitness and health and continues to work as a Personal trainer and lifestyle coach, using the AB-MXR on a daily basis with all of her clients.