It doesn’t have to be a Boot Camp Workout

Can’t face training in the gym or boot camp workout in the park this summer? We get that. Really we do. Sometimes exercise could do with just being more…FUN!

So if you’re struggling to “work out” in the traditional sense, why not take up a recreational sport, and exercise without realizing you’re doing?!

Here are a couple of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

Sure, the Thames may seem like an unappealing prospect in the middle of winter, but the summer is here (as well as can be expected in London, anyway!) and there are recreational rowing clubs all over town.

Rowing is terrific for developing upper-body strength and aerobic stamina. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to enjoy the camaraderie of a team sport and the incredible vistas that only being on the Thames can provide…and all the while building a seriously strong and able body!

Figure skating:
Maybe you’re not a fan of the sunshine? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of jumping on an outdoor ice rink over the Christmas holidays and surprising your friends with your elegant spins.

Either way, figure skating is a terrific way to build phenomenal lower-body strength (you want buns and pins of steel? look no further!) as well as improving balance and coordination. It’s also a supremely challenging skill that works the brain as well as the body. And ice rinks all around the UK offer adult beginners classes during day, evenings and weekends. Get started now, and you could the talk of the Christmas Market rink by Decemeber!

Outdoor pools:
Honestly, what a better way to spend a summer’s day or evening than at a pond or lido, or perhaps even your own pool (if you have one, please invite us over!)

Swimming is a brilliant sport for a number of reasons, all of which are evident by looking at the incredible bodies on Olympic swimmers. We love it for three primary reasons: it is a full-body workout; it doesn’t favor one side of the body more than the other, which results in fewer injuries; and finally, nothing clears your head from a day’s stress quite like a swim. So find your local outdoor swimming facility and dive in!

There are plenty of other ways of keeping fit in non-traditional ways this summer. The key is to be creative and to experiment. Be it Tai Chi at dawn, taking up trapeze classes, or finally learning to ride a horse… find an activity that you’ve always wanted to do, it doesn’t have to be boot camp workout and we bet you anything, the body you dream of will follow.

As for us, we’re quite into the idea of Archery…but then again, maybe we’ve just been watching too much of Game of Thrones!

Drop us a line @AB_MXR and let us know what you decide to take up!

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