555 Program

555 Program

If you don’t have the time, access or inclination to workout in a gym, but you want to get in shape and exercise your muscles in the comfort of your home or whilst travelling, the AB-MXR 555 programme is for you. All it takes is 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 5 weeks a year.

There is no set formula or exercises you must include, we just want to show you that doing a little and regularly with the AB-MXR can improve your fitness, tone your body and make exercising enjoyable and quick.

Which AB-MXR? 1kg Classic or the 2kg All rounder for those who do not exercise regularly or have lighter muscle definition. 2kg All rounder, or the 3kg Pro if you exercise once a week and are average or above average strength for your build. It is always good to begin on a lighter weight and progress to a heavier weight.

Warm Up: Do a few stretches to loosen up and get your circulation going, for example neck and hip rotations, stretch your arms out wide or across your body, groin and quad stretches.



Exercise 1: Lunge
Both arms extended outwards, or vary this with arms extended upwards. Alternate from one side to the other.
Tip: keep the shoulders level and the arms straight when extended

Arm Curls


Exercise 2: Arm curls
Bent arm or straight-arm.
Tip: Lean forward with weight over your left foot for left arm, right foot for right arm.



Exercise 3: Squat
AB-MXR behind the head, or held out front with straight arms
Tip: Keep back straight and elbows pointing out and in line with your shoulders if using the AB-MXR behind your head



Exercise 4: Abs
Sit ups, or crunches. For variation try reps with both knees up, one knee bent the other leg raised and straight or one knee bent the other foot resting across it.

Tummy Lifts


Exercise 5: Tummy lifts
Both knees bent, or one knee bent the other leg extended straight.
Tip: Rest the head in the AB-MXR and relax the neck muscles. Do not lift your head. Let your abs and gluts do the work.