Core Workout

Core Workout

The Core Workout is a series of 22 exercises demonstrated by Joanna Kabbani with commentary from leading personal trainer David Osborne from The Kensington Gym.

David takes you through each exercise with simple tips to position yourself correctly to get the maximum benefit from using the AB-MXR, whilst helping to ensure you exercise safely and effectively.

When exercising with the AB-MXR behind your head remember to always set your neck and turn on your deep abdominal muscles (see physio workout for further detail).

Which AB-MXR? All five AB-MXRs can be used for the Core Workout Programme. See product descriptions to choose the right AB-MXR for you. Most people will use the 1kg, 2kg or 3kg models, with the just the super fit and professional sports players using the 4kg and 5kg. If you require further help ask us at [email protected].

Reps? Start with 10 reps per exercise (or per side). As you build strength and fitness increase the No of reps and hold each exercise longer and deeper.

Warm up. Stretch and do some gentle rotations of your arms, hips and neck to get your circulation moving before starting the full programme.