4kg Pro AB-MXR


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Suitable for people with high core strength and levels of fitness. The additional weight increases the load and level of resistance. Ideal for abdominal exercises, building muscle strength and a challenging core workout.

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Weight: 4kg

Prototyping designed using F1 technology. The spinal support cushion was created using the latest information in ‘Optimal Spinal Curvature Support’.

The neck support has an ‘acu-pressure’ point for relaxing neck muscles, whilst the foam density supports the neck. The foam support is manufactured by a leading UK sports car manufacturer.

The AB-MXR is easily and securely held with the curved hand grips helping you to obtain correct arm position and good posture for exercises.

Steel weight incased in a robust ABS Plastic moulded shell

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 10 cm

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