Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

The AB-MXR has achieved a Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) training provider licence, which allows fitness professionals to earn 16 continual Professional Development (CPDs) points when they become AB-MXR trainers.

AB-MXR training courses for Personal Trainers are provided exclusively through PT Academy, one of the countries leading PT course providers (

Adam Kiani, Manager of the PT Academy
“The Enhanced AB-MXR training course showcases the versatility of the AB-MXR and teaches professionals how they can incorporate the device into all types of training. In the 2 day training course, you will learn about enhanced training systems and how the AB-MXR is applicable to them. The AB-MXR is such a fantastic device that we are so excited to be affiliated with.”
David Osborne, The Kensington Studio
“I have found great results with the AB-MXR and highly recommend it. It’s a safe and effective way to workout and I am happy to recommend it to my clients”

Rhys Hamer, Biomechanics Coach
“Finally a fitness product that aids abdominal training while providing safety and support to the Cervical spine. Having trialled the AB-MXR with many of my clients we have noticed increased abdominal strength through improved form and a huge reduction in complaints of neck pain.”

Ricardo Macedo, Celebrity Trainer (Sky 281)
“The AB-MXR helps my celebrity clients deliver the perfect abs, targeting precisely the abdominal area whilst keeping other parts of the body such as shoulders and neck free from stress”

Adam Naylor, Director of The Kensington Studio
“The AB-MXR gives your abdominal muscles a fantastic workout while maintaining the correct alignment for your neck. My clients love the challenge of the various exercises and how quickly they can reach a peak intensity. It works fast!”