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Kam Sowman, BPhty, MCSP, HPC, Neuro-Musculoskeletal Physiotherapis, West London Physio
“I have been working with patients with spinal pain for the last 12 years as a Neuro-musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. These are people from all walks of life from professional athletes to clients with very sedentary lifestyles and post-operative patients. I have never found a piece of equipment that both stabilises and strengthens the deep cervical muscle as the AB-MXR does. Not only is this equipment fantastic for the rehabilitation phase of recovery but also the prevention and sport specific phase of training/treatment.”

“The contour of the AB-MXR allows correct positioning of the cervical spine whilst giving the user pressure feedback to allow the deep neck flexor’s to contract against resistance allowing for a sustained isometric contraction, therefore improving proprioceptive alignment and muscle strength stability. This is certainly a piece of equipment to have in your Clinic if you treat or rehabilitate people with neck disorders”

Theo Farley, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Pure Sports Medicine
“The AB-MXR combines functionality and patient comfort in one. The AB-MXR is specifically designed to the contours of the neck and hand which makes it versatile for the use in many common musculoskeletal conditions. Patients enjoy using it for its ease of use and style which makes it a great rehab and fitness tool.”

Dr Mikael Petersen, Doctor of Chiropractic,
“I got so excited when Joanna showed me the AB-MXR, not only is it a fantastic exercise tool and one-of-a-kind, but it has also been developed with correct cervical support in mind.”

“We all know that we should exercise, but many of us often either injure ourselves or make our sedentary postures even worse by working-out with some damaging postures and body positions. The beauty of the AB-MXR is that it offers an opportunity to do a series of complete symmetrical exercises in an effective way.”

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Mr H I M Youssef, Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Acupuncturist, The Kensington Clinic
“In my opinion the AB-MXR is a useful exercise device for people with weak neck muscles or with other neck issues, when you are exercising the stomach muscles and hold the device behind the head, that will give you support which prevents straining the neck.”

Constance Campion, Medical Aesthetic Practitioner, Market Analyst Advanced Rejuvenation and Anti-Ageing
“Ideally, we should either work manually like the Amish, or walk six miles a day, in order to burn the calories we ingest. This is the essence of good ageing, which slows down pre-mature ageing. Alternatively, we should use the AB-MXR, from Joanna Kabbani, who is my hot tip in top exercise expertise”.