Pro Users

Pro Users

Laura Jones, Deputy Editor, Bodyfit Magazine
“This is an exciting new piece of fitness equipment. Not only does it support your head and neck so that you have the correct form while doing sit-ups, but because it’s weighted, you can use it for all over conditioning and aerobic sessions. What’s more, the AB-MXR is compact, so it doesn’t take up precious storage space at home, and it’s portable, so you can use it for training while travelling. It’s a really versatile bit of kit that will deliver impressive results”

Nell McAndrew, Model, Presenter and Sports Personality,
“A portable weighted AB-MXR is perfect for doing ab exercises safely and effectively and can be used for a whole body workout. It comes in different weights, I have chosen the 3kg”
Read More..Shelly Vella, Fashion Director, Cosmopolitan
“Where has the AB-MXR been all my life? After years of personal training, numerous injuries and still no dream abs, suddenly this cute little piece of equipment has come along and butt kicked my body into action. Not purely a magic wand for abdominal based exercises, it can be incorporated into a full aerobic workout. You will not want to touch regular weights nor a kettle bell ever again as this is safer, more efficient AND it fits neatly into your bag so you can take it anywhere with you. To say I’m hooked is a massive understatement and I think Joanna Kabbani’s invention is pure workout genius.”

Walles, Actor and former professional figure skater
“I took the AB-MXR challenge. There is no way my abs could get any better, but I was happily corrected. This product will change your life”

Kate Faithful Williams, Health Editor, Grazia
“I tried working out with the AB-MXR. Using the 2Kg weight, it targets your abs and ensures every crunch you do is super-effective. You will see results doing just three sets of 10 every day, and you won’t strain your back in the process”

Lucy Miller, Fitness Editor, Health & Fitness Magazine
“Working with Joanna and the AB-MXR was good fun but hard what every workout should consist of! The device put me naturally into the right position for each move and the extra resistance meant I worked my muscles to the max. Its a simple concept, but all the same an effective one, which was comfortable to use and effective”

India Sturgis, Femail Magazine
“…straight off I managed 13 sit ups without any of my usual straining – I was balanced and in control. I took the 3kg model home to trial. It was easy to move about the house and despite being a whiplash sufferer, I was given the confidence that I was working out correctly. It’s a brilliant piece of kit…”

Natalia Ryumania, Actress & Model
“…you get an amazing workout with the AB-MXR. I already feel much stronger. I am definitely getting one for myself.”