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Technique – BodyPower

bodypower techniqueTechnique is a word that is used a lot to emphasise great results in the fitness and sporting worlds.

So what actually is the definition of technique? It is simply “The most effective way to carry out a particular task” Seeing it explained like that, it is no wonder all sporting achievements rely so much on technique!

As children, in a sponge-like learning state, technique is established quickly and seamlessly, as we figure out the easiest way to sit, crawl, bend and stand, in order to navigate the world around us.

As we grow older, and factors such as competition and ego start to muddy our judgement, technique is often discarded in favor of achieving results more quickly in order to impress peers, beat a record, or prove a point. Technique also is the first thing to suffer when we are tired, distracted or under pressure…things which affect much of our adult lives.

Case in point: One of things that always surprises us when we take AB-MXR on the road to fitness shows like BodyPower or FIBO, is that whenever we get someone to trial the AB-MXR and they are surrounded by a group of friends…they hold their breath! And we’re not just talking about average couch-potatoes either, these are qualified fitness professionals and self-confessed gym-junkies!

And of course, breathing along with posture and alignment, are the cornerstones of effectively completing a task i.e. of good technique.

Technique is ultimately why we invented the AB-MXR. We wanted to develop a piece of kit that would take virtually all the thinking out of training, something that would keep your posture and alignment on point, no matter how much you fatigued, or how distracted you became.

The AB-MXR does this in a couple of ways:

  1. by aligning to your neck, thereby positioning your spine in the optimum position; and
  2. by being symmetrical, thereby not allowing one side of your body to dominate an exercise as you tire. (What it obviously doesn’t do, is remind you to breathe! Thinking of adding that functionality to AB-MXR 2.0!!)

We have made this our life mission because, in the long-run, good technique allows you to achieve the results you want for your body at the correct pace, and minimizes the risk of injury – keeping you fitter and stronger for longer.

So when you are introduced to a fitness innovation designed to improve your technique, embrace your inner child and take advantage of it – and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll achieve the results you want!