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Pimp Your Plank

basic plankWe love planks. A tried, tested and true piece of ammunition in the battle of the core. But like all great staples, it can always be made spicier with just a few additional ingredients!

Here are some of our favorite plank modifications:

Inverse side-plankSide-plank
A wonderful variation on a regular plank, which challenges the body unilaterally, testing arm-strength and proprioception. If you are a dab hand at these, try lifting one leg and doing a star variation!

Side-plankInverse side-plank
This challenging variation focuses on strength in the lats, pecs and obliques of the free side, while building strong stabilisers on the grounded side.

Supeman plankSuperman plank
A wonderful rehab tool. Builds coordination unilaterally, and strengthens the back and buttocks.

Hand-to-forearm dynamic plank Hand-to-forearm dynamic plank 
The PT favorite for the advanced exerciser. Switching back and forth from hands to forearms is a great way to build up a sweat, keep your body thinking, all the while seriously challenging your core to dig deep and build strength from the inside out.

Swiss ball plank Swiss ball plank
A highly advanced exercise, which works the entire body, with particular emphasis on the abdominals, back, adductors and calves.

And if you want spice up your planks even more, you’ll find that most of these exercises can also be done with an AB-MXR, which adds a whole other level of intensity! Check out the range of AB-MXR exercises here:


Happy planking!