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We Love Your Correct Neck Posture

Correct Neck Position AB-MXRNecks.

We kinda take them for granted until we injure them. And really, it’s not a body-part we should neck-legt (see what we did there?) – correct neck posture is  essential.

The neck supports your head, which is quite a feat because it is the heaviest part of your body. Within it, run arteries that supply blood to the brain from the heart, and in particular, a pair of arteries that feed the vital part of the brain, which controls our heart rate, breathing, immune system, hormones, coordination, balance, and sleep…all of which, we’re sure you will agree, are fairly important to you.

And as is often the case with our bodies, despite the neck being kind of a big deal, it is very fragile, because it also needs a certain amount of mobility to allow your sensory functions to operate effectively, and this flexibility places the neck at risk of misaligning or even dislocating.

So given all of this, you can imagine our frustration when we see people at our local gym and on social media *still* doing sit-ups, crunches and the like, unsupported.

It is the very reason why we created the AB-MXR. At the very heart of our product, was the idea that the constant strain on people’s necks during exercise – and specifically abdominal exercise – needed to be addressed.

After months of experimentation with various forms of support, and in close consultation with one of the UK’s leading chiropractors, we finally found a solution.

A padded support, moulded to match the optimal curve of the neck, that http://www.healthcarewell.com/online-pharmacy/ when held by its handles, gave the user no choice but to disengage the neck while doing sit-ups. Interestingly, once our guinea-pigs (not real ones!) couldn’t strain their necks, they suddenly couldn’t do an endless plethora of sit-ups. They felt the effect of the exercise sooner, because they had to use proper technique, and work exclusively from their core, without the assistance of their neck to compensate for the weakness in their abs.

After this Eureka moment, we found that the AB-MXR’S alignment hugely benefited a lot of other exercises (try squatting with an AB-MXR for example, and you’ll never look back). And its unique shape made it a versatile piece of equipment that could be used to strengthen virtually every part of the body. Then we had the idea of creating different weighted AB-MXRs (1 through to 5kgs) to make the exercises load-bearing. And while goofing around with it at a trade show a little while later, we discovered that it was incredibly effective for assisted stretches. And so on, and so on.

For us, it’s like the gift that keeps giving, and every day, AB-MXR users write us to tell us how much it has changed their workouts, and to show us their new inventive ways of using it.

But at the core of all that, was a simple idea. Keep your neck safe. After all, you only get one, folks.

If you haven’t tried an AB-MXR yet, stick your neck out and give us a shout! We’d love to introduce you to our little baby.