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Spilling the Juice on Juicing

Spilling the juiceAnother year, another diet craze hits the market. Although to its credit, the juicing frenzy has stuck around longer than most, especially because of the new found popularity of technology like Nutribullet.

So – is juicing the best thing since steel-cut oats?

We do get the appeal of juicing. As humans, we eat with our eyes as much as we do with our stomachs, and the sheer vibrancy of the greens and reds of many of the freshly blended juices just screams “healthy!” to our stomachs.

And yes, juices can be a great way to load your system with raw, unprocessed vitamins and minerals.

So what’s the problem, we hear you ask? Well there are a few.

  1. Humans have teeth for a reason. We as a race evolved to chew on food. It’s part of our physiological make-up, and a hugely important part of digestion. Take the visceral act of chewing away from a human, and it can confuse their body’s understanding of when it’s hungry or full.
  2. Juice-only diets generally lack protein. Behind the bright green veneer, lies essentially a cup of blended carbohydrates. So while juicing purported health benefits, it actually does little more than feed the average body’s addiction to high-glycemic sugars. Yes, there are hardened juicers out there who perhaps blend tuna in with their green shakes (we happen to know one!) but the majority of fair-weather/beach-body juicers need their juices to be sweet in order to be palatable.
  3. Most juicing excludes the fibre. Take away the act of chewing and now the fibre too, and you have basically blocked any of the natural ways in which your body slows the absorption of nutrients into the blood. Which is great if your juice is purely made of vitamins, but troublesome as your juice is mostly made up of sugars. This results in a huge blood-sugar spike…and we all know that what goes up, must come down. So the inevitable crash after will have you seeking your next quick-high, perpetuating a vicious cycle of sugar-addiction.
  4. News flash: Your stomach likes solids! Just as you would never run your washing machine without clothes inside it, feeding your body nothing but liquids can be very confusing to your gastric system, and can cause you severe stomach cramps and nausea. Your body was designed to churn solid food into soluble materials – don’t deprive it of its purpose in life!

Often times, those on a juice diet also struggle to feel sated after a day of juices and end up succumbing to a solid meal. While this is good news for your empty stomach, it can be bad news for your calorific intake. This pattern of behaviour often results in the diet juicer actually putting on weight when they should in theory be losing it!

So, our advice is to ditch the juice and eat the way your body intended you to.

By all means, enjoy juice if you find it hard to fit your 5-a-day into your diet, but make sure you calculate that into your overall daily calorific intake. And wean yourself off the high-fructose base of many juices, and really try to stick with earthy leafy greens and vegetables for maximum benefit.

Natural Cosmetics & Personal Wellbeing

natrual cosmenticsJuicing, eating organic, going vegan…these trends are becoming second nature. We spend so much time making sure we eat clean…but are we extending that philosophy beyond what we injest to our personal hygiene products?

Just pick up any cosmetic in your bathroom and check out the ingredients. You will be assaulted with an unprounceable ingredient list of chemicals that you would never dream of putting in your mouth…and therein lies the problem!

Your skin is basically like a giant mouth that streches all over your body…more sponge that force-field. Hence why products like nicotine patches work – the nicotine is *absorbed* directly into your bloodstream through your skin.

A lot of the chemicals used to create our lotions and potions are likely to have minimal to no side-effects…but parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and petrochemicals are amongst the primary building blocks of most synthetic cosmetic products, and just a quick google search will show you that they have been linked to diseases ranging from breast cancer to endocrine dysfunction to birth defects.

Studies are being carried out all the time, and evidence is being compiled for us to truly understand as a society what is safe for use in the short, medium and long-term.

In the meantime, we are doing our own research, seeing which products in our toiletry arsenal can be replaced with healthier alternatives. It takes a lot of reading, trying to discern fact from scare-mongering, and it takes a lot of experimentation…and we are enjoying the learning and the process!

We know it is can be cost-prohibitive to switch to all-natural products, and we also appreciate that we have all come to expect a certain performance function from our cosmetics e.g. it is notoriously difficult to find an all-natural antiperspirant that is as effective as an off-the-shelf synthetic one…and smelling bad when you work in a people industry – even one where your product is sweat – is not a good thing!!

So we won’t get on our soap-box (pardon the pun!) and tell you to only bathe with goat’s milk and rub grass into your armpits.

We would however like you to join us in developing an awareness of what risks synthetic personal hygiene products can  carry, and maybe explore a few alternatives. And if you find something that works great, drop us a line and let us know about it, either on email or Twitter. Let’s all help each other get as healthy as possible!