Water Is Life – Body Training

Body TrainingWe touched on the importance of drinking water in our last blog, but thought it would be remiss of us not to let you know how beneficial water is to the training body all the time, not just when you’re hungry or sweating in the gym…so here is our timely water blog!

The current ‘heatwave’ we are having in London serves as a wonderful reminder of just how important it is to stay hydrated, especially as we lose 2.5 litres during the average day, only regaining 1 litre through food, with the remaining 1.5 litres in theory being replenished by our drinking water.

We all know that our bodies are 60% water and that water IS life…but here’s how being hydrated translates into your fitness goals.

‘Feeding muscles’: Water delivers oxygen to muscles in order for physical activity to be done efficiently. The more water inside the muscle cells, the better they function, and the more they increase in strength, size and capacity.

Also – want that protein to help your gains? Water absorbs the different nutrients in food & transports them through the digestive system, leaving the nutrients better and more readily absorbed by the body.

Drink water to make the most of your food!

‘Decreasing fat’: Dehydrated bodies retain extra water from cells (including fat cells), which causes bloating and weight gain. Sweating aside, alcohol, coffee, tea and fizzy drinks all act as ‘diuretics’, forcing water out of the body, leading to dehydration. If you cannot live without your liquid stimulants, you have to drink more water to counter their diuretic nature, and to purify your blood, preventing diseases such as hypertension.

A dehydrated body also causes your kidneys to malfunction, forcing the liver to work twice as hard and compromising its ability to metabolise fat, thereby possibly leading to weight gain.

We can hear you all reaching for your Evian’s already!

The biggest complaint we hear from our clients is that drinking more water throughout the day is a tough task, because it’s flavourless.

To those people we say: If you’re just not that into the (non)taste of water, try making your own flavoured water at home. Adding slices of fruits or herbs adds a subtle, delicious taste to plain water. Be it cucumber, lime or mint…find a way to make water an essential daily part of your life..and reap the rewards of a stronger, healthier body.